Mini Rippers Weekend Ski & Snowboard Camps

Mini Rippers is an 8-week ski or snowboard camp which starts on the first weekend of January. You have the choice between the Saturday camp or the Sunday camp. Mini Rippers is an opportunity for your child to make new friends and improve their skiing/snowboarding each week. Date to be announced (check back).


Mini Rippers is a fun introductory program for beginner and intermediate riders to ski and snowboard with friends. The program is taught using the development and learning program guidelines of the Canada Ski Instructors Alliance and the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors. Participants will sign up for either Saturdays or Sundays, and groups will be adjusted each week as skills develop (i.e. if you sign up on Saturday you will stay on Saturday, but your instructor may change).

The camp will start from 12:00 to 3:00 PM, with a short break at 1.30 PM at the base area. Parents/guardians must be available to assist with break.

Requirements for Ski Camp/Snowboard Camp

  • Ages 5 to 11 - Ski
  • Ages 7 to 11 - Snowboard
  • Must know the basics skiing/snowboarding and be able to come down a green run in full control.
  • Your child must be able to ride the chairlift. (If the child is under 4” and unable to ride the chairlift alone, a parent/guardian must join every day, and will be given complimentary rental equipment and a lift ticket if needed)


Our aim for this camp is to help improve the techniques for your child. If they are in a beginner program, the main goal will be to try and improve their posture and have them to ski parallel on turns and less/no snow ploughs (pizza). If they are in an intermediate program, the main goal is to improve their technique and stance, while also teaching them new ways to have fun, i.e. skiing backwards, small jump tricks, and the most important, to have a good time!

The price which also includes:

  • Chairlift ticket
  • 24 hours worth of lesson
  • Rentals (if needed)
  • Complimentary chair lift ticket & rentals for parent/guardian if the child need assistance loading chairlift

Mini Rippers Weekend Ski & Snowboard Camps
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