Membership is the foundation of any co-operative. As a non-profit community service co-operative, My Mountain Co-op is proud to have over 2,000 members with more people joining every year.

Membership Categories

Individual Membership – $299 and entitles the member to all the benefits of membership.

Business Membership (Not available online at this time)– $599 and the ideal way for businesses to show their support for our community resource, MMC-Shames Mountain. Business memberships have all the perks of individual membership plus the public listing of their business on our website, MMC-Shames Mountain, and Shames Mountain Lodge.

Junior Shredder Membership – for youth under 16 years of age. Pro-rated according to age, however, requires an annual fee of $18.69 to be a current member. A junior shredder member can enjoy all the benefits of membership with the exception of voting. When a junior shredder reaches the age of 16, they become a full member of the co-operative.

Member Benefits

- Annual discount – members receive a $100 discount on the purchase of their seasons pass
- 10% discount on retail purchases
- Voting rights at the AGM
- You own part of a mountain
- Part of first ever non-profit community service ski co-operative in Canada
- Helping keep Shames Mountain open and running, an important community and regional resource that contributes to healthy and fun recreation

Member Responsibilities

As a member of a co-operative, there is a responsibility to the organization that you have chosen to support with your enrolment. Membership involves degrees of both ownership and of participation in decision-making. As a MMC member you are asked to:

-Participate in the election by either voicing your choice for the Board of Directors and/or becoming a director yourself.
-Communicate your voice, your ideas, your resource availability to one of your Board of Directors.
-Stay informed about the co-operative advantage and Shames Mountain’s health. Read our communications, investigate other co-operative and encourage others to become members.
-Get involved and contribute what resources you have-knowledge, funds, equipment, and any and all talents. All contributions are important; contributions such as caring for a child while a member attends a meeting or takes a few turns on the hill, monetary contributions at any time are always useful, turning an idea into reality, and/or volunteering for a committee or work crew. If you can think of how you can help, the MMC Board of Directors will try to make it possible.
-Share our story with your friends, family and work. The better educated our community becomes the stronger our co-operative will become.

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