Our Discover Lessons are all-inclusive packages for new skiers (6 years and up), riders (8 years and up), and touring participants (18 years and up). The Discover Ski and Snowboard packages include a 2 hour group lesson at 10 AM or 1 PM, and a full rental package and a Green Carpet lift ticket for the day. It's a great way to get your first taste of mountain fun! Our Discover Ski Touring and Discover Splitboard touring packages are $150 and include a Backcountry Rental package, 3 hour lesson, and Uphill Ticket; click on the product below for more info.

The Discovery Lesson is available for $78, and is intended for beginner skiers only; we recommend the Next Step package or private lessons for future visits. Please arrive at the mountain at 30-60 minutes before the lesson starts, so you have time to get rentals and get ready to ride!

If you are renting equipment, please provide your information in our Rental Pre-set form so we can prepare your gear in advance. When you arrive at the mountain we will have your equipment set aside to speed up the process.

Shames Mountain Rental Preset Form

Discovery Ski & Snowboard Lessons
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