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MMC-Shames Mountain is located on unceded Ts'msyen territory, specifically of Gitando/Gitlaan tribes and Gitsmg'eelm (Kitsumkalum). The art we chose to use as a background image was prepared by Kari Morgan, a local artist, Shames Mountain Regular, and Coop Member.

"This design is in memory of my Ye'e Simoogit Ni'isgin Waatx (My Grandfather Chief George Morgan) with our house Kw’isk’ayn crest The White Grizzly Bear. When I was a baby my mother, brother, and myself were adopted into my Ye’e’s house so we could have a house, a crest, and names. My Ye’e was so proud of me when I started perusing my career in Northwest Coast Fine Art.”

Kari Morgan K'alaajex
Born and raised in Prince Rupert, British Columbia; her background is Nisga’a from the house of Kw’isk'ayn, European, and Metis ancestry. Morgan has been creating art using different mediums since her early childhood and has an education in various Art Courses.

Morgan has displayed artwork in various shows at The Museum of Northern British Columbia and The Lester Center of the Arts in Prince Rupert, with her most recent exhibits at The Terrace Art Gallery, The Smithers Art Gallery, The Kitimat Museum, and The Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver.

While studying under master carvers, Dempsey Bob, Stan Bevan, and Ken McNeil, Morgan received The Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art Advanced Diploma in 2019, and is now working full time on her fine arts business, often named Kari Morgan Designs. It is her hope to maintain incorporating her knowledge of traditional fine arts with other mediums she is also familiar with. She continuously aims to bring her cultural background into her future endeavours to display the strengths of her past, her family’s past, and the past of her ancestors.

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